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Dungeon Dice Monsters: Part 1

In this Episode:

Join us as we dive into the deep end of Yu-Gi-Oh shipping, discuss the dashed hopes of seeing a new game this episode, and get into the mixed-up crazy world of Konami integrated marketing schemes! Also: Hot Grandpa?

This week’s recommendations:

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 46, “Dungeon Dice Monsters: Part 1” Official Synopsis:

A new student named Duke Devlin defeats Joey in a game of Duel Monsters and forces Joey to become his reluctant servant. Duke orders Joey to wear a dog costume and humiliates him in public, leading Yugi to challenge Duke to a duel in order to free Joey from his enslavement. Duke accepts Yugi's challenge, but tells him that instead of playing Duel Monsters, the two of them will be playing a game called Dungeon Dice Monsters, which Duke created himself.

Legendary Heroes: Part 3

In this Episode:

In this week’s episode, if you die in the podcast, you die in real life! We return to the wonderful virtual world of KaibaQuest 64, in which our legendary heroes are out being heroes… lengendarily. Join us as we discuss the metaphysical implications of getting de-rezzed, sliding door physics, and the Big 5’s ongoing misunderstanding of what constitutes as “game design.”

This week’s recommendations:

  • Jimmy: Read Hellboy!

  • Tyler: Do laundry!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 45, “Legendary Heroes: Part 3” Official Synopsis:

Yugi, Joey, Mai, and Mokuba are able to rescue Kaiba, but they are still stuck in the game. The only exit is past a Five-Headed Dragon which is being controlled by the Big Five via transferring their own virtual minds straight into it. From within the battle, Joey, Mokuba, and Mai lose all of their life points and are apparently deleted from the game, with their own virtual minds seemingly deleted as well. Yugi and Kaiba, two former rivals and opponents, work together to defeat the dragon, thus deleting the virtual minds of the Big Five. Joey, Mai, and Mokuba are revived thanks to the restoration power of the Mystical Elf and the three of them, along with Yugi and Kaiba, escape the game so that they can return to the real world.

Legendary Heroes: Part 2

In this Episode:

This week, Tyler gets salty about the Avengers, Jimmy has a near-Millennium Item experience, and this cartoon about a card game in a video game finally starts to feel fun again.

This week’s recommendations:

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 44, “Legendary Heroes: Part 2” Official Synopsis:

The quest to locate Kaiba continues with help from Mai, who was offered a past deal by the Big Five to help test Kaiba's virtual reality game.

Legendary Heroes: Part 1

In this Episode:

This week, we make things weird. Like, really, really, weird. And that’s before Yugi and the gang hack into the Matrix. Listen in as we read some listener-submitted fan fiction, talk about sci-fi tropes, and explore the show’s take on video game quests.

This week’s recommendations:

  • Jimmy: Watch “Love, Death, and Robots” on Netflix

  • Tyler: Enable “Dark Mode” on all your devices

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 43, “Legendary Heroes: Part 1” Official Synopsis:

KaibaCorp's two-faced Board of Directors, known as the Big Five, trap Kaiba inside a virtual reality game. Mokuba recruits Yugi and Joey in order to help free Kaiba and stop the Big Five from seizing control of KaibaCorp.

The Ties of Friendship

In this Episode:

It’s 2 Wrath 2 Rebecca this week, as we cover the second part of the duel against our least-favorite youngster. Yes, more hated than Mokuba! Let’s all spend our afternoon teaching this hopeless child the meaning of the heart of the cards, and go out of our way to reward the absolute zero amount of effort they put in to not being terrible.

Spoiler warning: We talk about spoilers for the Fast & Furious franchise, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, for way too long in the intro. Skip to like 7 minutes in if you want to avoid that.

This week’s recommendations:

  • Jimmy: Get out and enjoy the sunshine!

  • Tyler: Make a protest sign!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 42, “The Ties of Friendship” Official Synopsis:

The duel between Rebecca and Yugi continues until Yugi forfeits the match. Rebecca's grandfather appears and reveals that Yugi could have won the duel by playing Soul Release, but forfeited the match for his friendship with Rebecca, as Yugi's grandfather did for Rebecca's grandfather. He explains that Yugi's grandfather won his Blue-Eyes White Dragon monster card in a duel, rather than stealing it.

The Wrath of Rebecca

In this Episode:

Just as Yugi & Co. get home from Duelist Kingdom, they find themselves launched into yet another duel! This duel is unlike any duel they’ve encountered before, because this time, the stakes are…

Absolutely nil.

Join us as we discuss our least-favorite brothers, the irresponsibility of a small child’s parents or guardians, and the beginning of the end of Season One.

This week’s recommendations:

  • Jimmy: Watch Star Trek Voyager

  • Tyler: Make your own “Special Sauce”

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 41, “The Wrath of Rebecca” Official Synopsis:

Upon returning home, Yugi is emotionally happy to see that his Grandpa has awaken from his coma thanks to his soul being restored by Pegasus and that Yugi himself is personally satisfied to know that his mission to save his Grandpa was a complete success. A few weeks later, Yugi and his friends soon meet a young girl named Rebecca Hawkins who demands that Yugi's Grandpa return his Blue-Eyes White Dragon to her. Rebecca claims that Yugi's Grandpa had stole the card from her own grandfather many years ago and challenges Yugi to a duel in an attempt to get it back.


In this Episode:

Not. My. Department!

This week’s recommendations:

  • Jimmy: Get a flu shot!

  • Tyler: Wear an eye patch!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 40, “Aftermath” Official Synopsis:

Pegasus is found badly injured with his Millennium Eye missing. Tea reads Pegasus' diary and the gang learns on how Pegasus had got his Millennium Eye and the reason of why he had held the Duelist Kingdom tournament. A mysterious Egyptian soon shows up looking for the person that had stolen Pegasus' Millennium Eye. Seeing that Yugi has a Millennium item as well, he thinks that he might be responsible. The Egyptian uses his Millennium Key to enter into Yugi's mind. There he finds two chambers; one is covered in children's toys, while the other is mysterious, disconcerting and confusing. When the Egyptian falls victim to a trap in the latter chamber, Yugi comes to his rescue. The two journey deeper and are confronted by the Dark Magician. Yugi commands him to back down, causing the Egyptian to realize that Yugi is "the Chosen One". The Egyptian soon departs leaving Yugi with his name, Shadi, as well as questions about the seven Millennium Items. The Kaiba brothers are later reunited with Kaiba thanking Yugi and his friends for helping him and Mokuba out. As everyone leaves the island, it is soon revealed that Yami Bakura had found his way back to his host and challenged Pegasus to a Shadow Game and took his Millennium Eye, and that the real Bakura had no memory of the possession, with Yami Bakura secretly promising that he will have his personal vengeance towards Yami Yugi.

Fusion of Light and Darkness - Black Chaos Descends

In this Episode:

It’s the end of an era! Well, at least the end of a five-part episode. Join us as we celebrate the end of a movie-length duel with arguably the most exciting— and strangely disgusting— episode of Yu-Gi-Oh yet. Jimmy loved it, Tyler hated it, and Bakura stole the whole damn thing. This is a whole new game!

This week’s recommendations:

  • Jimmy: Listen to Beats Antique!

  • Tyler: Watch Jeopardy!

  • Lauren: Watch Countdown!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 39, “Fusion of Light and Darkness - Black Chaos Descends” Official Synopsis:

Pegasus' Relinquished has captured Yugi's Dark Magician, and his time bomb monster is ready to blow it to bits and take out the rest of Yugi's life points. However, Yami Yugi captures Relinquished using a Mind Control card. Then, with the last card Yugi played face-down, he performs a Dark Magic Ritual, sacrificing the Dark Magician as well as Pegasus' time bomb to summon the Magician of Black Chaos. Pegasus counters by fusing Relinquished with Thousand Eyes Idol, creating Thousand Eyes Restrict. The Thousand Eyes Restrict paralyzes the Magician of Black Chaos, but Yami Yugi uses Kuriboh combined with his Multiply magic card. The Kuribohs explode on contact, blinding Thousand Eyes Restrict and freeing the Magician of Black Chaos to attack. Yami Yugi destroys Thousand Eyes Restrict and ends the duel as the victor. While Yugi, Joey, Téa, and Tristan celebrate the former's triumphant victory, Pegasus silently slips away and releases the spirits that he had stolen, honoring his word of the agreement that he had made with Yugi right before the start of their duel. Bakura is seemingly back to normal and volunteers to take care of an unconscious Mokuba while the others go look and search for Pegasus.

The Evil Eye Activates - Sacrifice

In this Episode:

C/W: This episode talks about death and mortality quite a bit. If that’s something that you’re uncomfortable with, you may want to cut out when we start discussing the episode.

THIS WEEK! We’re nearly there. 80% of the way through this five-part duel, and Pegasus has rewarded us with some fierce lewks. Join us for this ultra-chill hang sesh where Tyler loses his voice, and Jimmy feeds a cat. Oh, and we talk about Yu-Gi-Oh.

This week’s recommendations:

  • Jimmy: Read Saga

  • Tyler: Make up new insults, you brambling knop-wagons!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 38, “The Evil Eye Activates - Sacrifice” Official Synopsis:

Yami Bakura is after Mokuba's body so that his evil spirit can possess it. Tristan, however, knocks out Yami Bakura and throws away the Millennium Ring containing the evil spirit into the forest below. Meanwhile, Pegasus summons Relinquished, a fearsome monster that uses its enemies as shields. Yugi crumples in a complete state of both fatigue and exhaustion, under the crippling strain of maintaining his own monsters in the Shadow Game. Joey, Téa, and Tristan all yell desperate encouragement in an attempt to help their friends out, but their own voices cannot penetrate the sphere of darkness. Yami Yugi is the only one who can duel now, but unfortunately, he is at the mercy of Pegasus' Millennium Eye.

The Counterattack Begins! Mind Shuffle

In this Episode:

Back in the Shadow again! Welcome to part three of five in our Yugi v. Pegasus showdown, in which we celebrate the recognition of magic, obscure strategies both good and evil, the return of the Reaper, and the metaphysical implications of the phrase “banish you from the corridors of my mind.”

This week’s recommendations:

For those curious— yes! The tapping that you hear at the start of the episode is Pepper. It was too cute to edit out.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 37, “The Counterattack Begins! Mind Shuffle” Official Synopsis:

Yugi has found an ingenious way to counter Pegasus' mind-reading ability: Yugi switches back and forth between his two separate spirits and through this, Yugi is able to destroy Pegasus' Toon World, but Pegasus soon transports the duel to the Shadow Realm, where the situation itself becomes much harder for both Yugi and Yami Yugi. Meanwhile, Tristan is horrified to learn that Bakura is once again possessed by the evil spirit of Yami Bakura.

Attacks Ineffective?! The Invincible Toon Army

In this Episode:

It’s a duel-heavy episode, and you know what that means! That means that we spend too much of the intro talking about floppy disks and Disney Channel originals, before diving into a magical world where everyone is in denial about magic. It’s not just a river in (ancient) Egypt!

This week’s recommendations:

Thanks to Thomas for providing some trivia this week! Maybe one day we’ll finally get to the bottom of Yugi’s pants mystery.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 36, “Attacks Ineffective? The Invincible Toon Army” Official Synopsis:

Pegasus punishes Yugi by using the same Toon Deck and mind-reading abilities that he had previously used on Kaiba. As Pegasus turns Yugi's monsters against him, Yugi loses both the will and resolve to battle. Yugi is personally worried that Pegasus might seal his soul into a card, just like what he had done before to both Kaiba and Mokuba.

Final Duel! Yugi vs. Pegasus

In this Episode:

Finally, when it seemed like we were nearing the end at last, they go and turn this duel into a five-parter. Join us as we discuss the first of many episodes in which a grown man with magical powers threatens to kill a literal child in order to obtain a tacky puzzle box… just as soon as they play this card game.

This week’s recommendations:

We’re getting into the final stretch of this season! Will we make it? Will you? Will Yugi? Tune in now to find out!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 35, “Final Duel! Yugi vs. Pegasus” Official Synopsis:

Yugi prepares himself for his long-awaited and fated battle against Pegasus with the souls of Grandpa, Kaiba, and Mokuba on the line. Meanwhile, Tristan and Bakura infiltrate the castle to find the Kaiba brothers in an attempt to cripple Pegasus' current plan.

Best of Friends, Best of Duelists: Part 2

In this Episode:

Y’all… sometimes, when you want an episode to be good… sometimes it just isn’t. Join us, won’t you, for a deep-dive into the episode that broke Tyler.

This week’s recommendations:

  • Jimmy: Build a D&D fantasy world!

  • Tyler: Find your guilty pleasure TV program

Later, Lauren joins us for a brief interlude into the minds of Joey & Yugi, and we discuss which of the Yu-Gi-Oh characters would podcast.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 34, “Best of Friends, Best of Duelists: Part 1” Official Synopsis:

Yugi defeats the Black Skull Dragon (which Joey had summoned in the previous episode by fusing his Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Yugi's Summoned Skull) by using a combination of the Dark Magician, Magical Hats, Spellbinding Circle and Book of Secret Arts. Joey responds with his Baby Dragon/Time Wizard combo in a bid to overcome Yugi's strong offense against him, but in the end, he loses to Yugi. Despite this, Joey is thankful to Yugi for giving him a great match and vows to be by his side, along with Téa, Tristan, and Bakura for his upcoming duel against Pegasus.

Best of Friends, Best of Duelists: Part 1

In this Episode:

Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should old acquaintance be forgot, much like this show assumes we forgot about our old friends Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler? Join us for our first episode of 2019, where we encounter a brief mystery in the show’s opener, talk about our New Year’s celebrations, and make some Very Very Good recommendations.

Later, we talk about Pegasus’s proclivities, HitClips, failed McDonald’s branding experiments, and the WORST EDITING CHOICE THIS SHOW HAS EVER MADE. Eventually, we round out the episode with a decent summary, a lackluster cliffhanger, and a pitch for a new PBS show. Yes, we really do all of that.

Will we ever get an explanation of Joey’s accent? Will the “men” in the room ever listen to Tea? Will Pegasus ever learn to differentiate between his internal and external monologues?!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 33, “Best of Friends, Best of Duelists: Part 1” Official Synopsis:

Yugi and Joey, who have been helpful and supportive of each other from within the start of the Duelist Kingdom tournament, must now face-off against one another from within the finals in order to see on who will win the tournament and face-off against Pegasus when all is said and done.

BONUS: The Top Cards of 2018

In this Episode:

Twas the night before Duelmas,

and all through the kingdom,

not a pod was to be cast,

(okay, maybe just one).

Our Top Five lists were placed

by our microphones with care,

in the hopes that St. Kaiba

soon would be there!

Jimmy has coffee,

whilst Tyler drinks stout,

you should listen to this episode,

to hear what it’s about!

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BONUS: The One with the Yo-Yo's!

In this Episode:

The holiday season is upon us! In this first of two special holiday bonus episodes, we’re bringing you a long-awaited entry from Yu-Gi-Oh’s fabled “Season 0”: Explosion! The Ultimate Secret Yo-Yo Technique! Listen in as Tyler rants about his favorite music of all time, Jimmy dishes out the best one-liners we’ve had yet, and we kick back and ring in the holidays with what has quickly become one of our favorite episodes of television.

Next week, we’ll be counting down our Top Five Cards of 2018, looking back at the year and covering all of our favorite cards that we’ve talked about so far. Then, we’ll pit them against each other to determine which card reigned supreme in 2018!

As part of our search for the best card of the year, we want you to write to us! Tell us about any cards that have really stuck out to you from this year’s episodes, either from the show itself, or our random card of the week, or any other bullshit that comes out of our mouths! Anything written to us before this Saturday will be read on the show!

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Keith's Machinations: Part 2

In this Episode:

Welcome to Wednesdays, duelists! This week, Jimmy and Tyler spend a significant chunk of the intro talking Smash and Sonic, then enter into a duel-heavy episode that we actually liked! Listen in as we discuss the classic “duelist walks into a bar” scenario, friendship symbol tattoos, rampant censorship by 4Kids TV, and Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon. That’s right, we’re going metal.

What makes Keith a “Bandit”? Does Pegasus’s discretion know no bounds? Will anyone ever acknowledge that card-carrying serial killer Bad-kura is IN THIS VERY ROOM?

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 32, “Keith’s Machinations: Part 2" official synopsis:

Joey transforms his Red-Eyes Black Dragon into the Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon, enabling him to take out the strongest Monster in Bandit Keith's deck, the Barrel Dragon, but Joey still has to deal with Bandit Keith's Slot Machine, in which Bandit Keith is powering up with the 7 Completed magic cards he has hidden under his right wristband. Joey emerges triumphant against Bandit Keith, who is then thrown out of the castle and dropped into the ocean for cheating.

Keith's Machinations: Part 1

In this Episode:

We’re back in the multi-part saddle, as Joey prepares to duel everyone’s favorite intercontinental champion: Bandit Keith! Join us as we recommend some fine media content for you, discuss Dual Duel Verification, and make a pitch for Everybody Loves Flame Swordsman. Later, we analyze Joey and Mai’s very real character development, and continue to speculate on whether the rules of Duel Monsters are an oral tradition. Plus, the return of Pepper!

Brief content warning for discussions of American politics and the finality of all things, right up front. If you would rather avoid those things, skip to the 4:45 mark.

Will Bandit Keith ever be promoted to Highwayman Keith? Are we finally done calling Joey a dog? Did Yu-Gi-Oh accidentally stumble upon the formula for prototypical “american" music?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 31, “Keith’s Machinations: Part 1" official synopsis:

Just minutes before he is due to duel Bandit Keith in the second match of the Duelist Kingdom tournament's semi-finals, Joey finds that his entry card is missing. Unaware that Bandit Keith had secretly stole it from last night, Joey runs back to his room so that he can look for it to no avail. Just when it seems that all hope is lost for Joey, Mai unexpectedly gives him her entry card right before her departure from Duelist Kingdom and the duel itself is able to go ahead.

Duel Identities: Part 2

In this Episode:

We’re back (for real)! Tyler finally has internet and a proper audio setup, so we’re back in action with a full, real episode for you. Although, in true YAMPod fashion, we royally fouled up the planning on this one. So you get to listen to Jimmy watching this week’s episode in real time. Pobody’s nerfect!

Listen in as we discuss an episode in which Mai continues to be the only competent one in the room, Little Yugi forgets what cards done do, and Big Yugi does it again! Witness the return of Tyler’s England-induced cough (or podcasting curse?), Jimmy’s live read of the episode, and our long overdue (or just long) catching up and talking about our various travels.

Will our podcast be affected by Brexit? Will another competent character rise up to replace Mai? Can we completely recast Yu-Gi-Oh as characters from Arthur?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 30, “Duel Identites: Part 2" official synopsis:

After Yugi and Yami Yugi make an internal compromise to each other and vow to work together as a team, Yugi starts to make a comeback against Mai, taking control of her Harpie's Pet Dragon and using his own Catapult Turtle to fire it at her Mirror Wall. Mai multiplies her Harpie Lady and revives Harpie's Pet Dragon, which gets a power boost for every Harpie Lady in play. Yugi manages to summon the Black Luster Soldier and defeats Mai from within their duel via Mai surrendering, sending Yugi straight to the finals of the Duelist Kingdom tournament.

Fan-Fiction: "What Time Is It?"

In this Episode:

Surprise! We’re back, and we’re bringing you what you’ve all been waiting for: some juicy, juicy fan-fiction. We asked for it, you wrote it, and now Tyler’s going to subject Jimmy to it.

This episode of Fan-Fiction comes to us from friend of the show Garrett! It gets real meta.

We’ll be back next week with our first real episode in over a month!